Tech Tuesday, Last Night @ Studio on 4th

A big screen behind me, I was mic'ed and talking about the evolution of the Artist Fishbowl project. I fear that last night I got into the philosophies found in the Fishbowl a bit too much, maybe not. My desire was to explain myself and share the fact that I've got a certain aesthetic orientation that involves all the behind the scenes shit. I want my audience to know what the creative journey feels like. As I'm making videos and typing, I'm sharing my wares with the world almost as they're being made.

I remember talking about my loose structure to this talk wanted to reflect the way I do things in my online art. I'm impulsive and conscious of the performance I need to put on. Being up to the moment is very important to me.

A handful of videos were played in the middle section of the night. I focused on showing the more artsy ones that are hyper-edited and jaunty. Sharing the oddity and humor, I thought, would bring a bit more entertainment into the presentation.

I remember talking about why this is art, or how I see it as art, giving the explanation right at the beginning of how I obsess about the online experience, especially Facebook, and letting oneself to be obsessive is the simplist definition of art, to me. Toward the end we talked about integrating Facebook, YouTube, uStream, Twitter.

I think I was funny once in awhile, I know the videos are funny some times. There were a lot of questions specific to Facebook and using it to showcase ones' work.

This blog post is thrown together, I should be ashamed.

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