Reno Artists Unite!

The art scene in our city has grown with enthusiasm. Many people are working in different facets to build something here in Reno. A lot of time is being volunteered to give something back. With perseverance we've accomplished something.

Quite a few new galleries have opened and other organizations are still operating with a wide variety of venues for artists to show their work. We have a few publications that talk about our local artists, but it's never enough. More words, more pride!

Pride in being a part of this grassroots movement here should touch everyone involved. If we yell loud enough, the country will hear us and we'll start seeing articles in magazines talking about what our unique little city is doing in art. We're serious and soon they'll know it. Organization within our local community will give us a louder voice and soon our town will be the envy of bigger towns that just can't get it together.

There's a warm dialogue starting to brew here between artists and friends of the arts. Differing opinions and ideas are starting to bubble up and we're seeing it in the arts.

Historically a wide variety of philosophies have stemmed from the arts setting propaganda and political machines in motion. It has also calmed our collective nerves and shown the serenity that mankind can in itself find. Art is philosophy and it is change, mental states made physical. Art is never what you think it is, all the stereotypes are wrong and anything drab and boring is not art, it's commerce, so read between the lines and see art for what it is. See the freedom of mind and lack of boundaries art holds; an inspiration that doesn't leave a person's head easily. It is a direct way to show another person some aspect of how you feel and it's done outside the normal paths of communication.

Art is anything you make of it.

Lets keep this open dialogue going here in Reno. Its building, and with patience we will see our future blossom as an art center with something unique to offer.

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